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“With no frills, no gimmicks, just a gimlet eye and quicksilver prose, Rechner defamiliarizes the mundane and makes it marvelous.”
–Malena Watrous, The Believer

“Reading one of Rechner’s stories is akin to biting into a chocolate that looks perfectly sweet but whose center harbors a bitter surprise. Yes, you’d probably be safer choosing the Hershey bar … but where’s the fun in that?” –Christine Selk, The Oregonian


“A tight, incisive and darkly funny series of vignettes about mothers, wives and the people who unwittingly become them.”
—Kelly Clarke, Willamette Week

“The more I think about these stories, the more I appreciate their quiet brilliance.”
—Sheila Ashdown, Powells.com Review of the Day

“Mary Rechner’s astounding, perfectly wrought stories of what it means to be a modern woman are witty, provocative, and honest enough to make you gasp. She’s the Mary Gaitskill of motherhood.”
—Karen Karbo, author of The Gospel According to Coco Chanel

“Most of Rechner’s protagonists are smart women engaging in moments of mischief or brutal honesty or both.”
—Jamie Passaro, Eugene Register-Guard

“Her stories, told in lucid, seamless prose, feel instantly familiar, like continuing a conversation with an old friend.”
—Karen Munro, Reading Local

“Whether mothers, daughters, or friends, the protagonists in her stories are wholly rendered and vibrantly real. Rechner writes with startling acuity, delving into singular lives with the full-hearted knowledge that to love means to be besieged, to love means to suffer, but that, in the end, to love is the only way to truly be alive.”
—Debra Gwartney, author of Live Through This